13 Mar

The movie "View to a kill" released in 1985 begins with(Roger Moore) James Bond 007  investigating Zorin's industries, Bond meets with (Tanya Roberts) Stacey Sutton, a state geologist and heiress of Zorin's competitor in the oil business. Zorin tried to buy out heiress Stacey Sutton, who is being threatend by Zorin's thugs. 

James Bond and Stacey unveil Zorin's "Main Strike": He plans to detonate explosives beneath the lakes along the Hayward Fault and the San Andreas Fault causing them to flood. A bigger bomb in an abandoned mine will destroy a "geological lock" that prevents the two faults from moving at the same time. The timed detonations would cause a massive double earthquake, thus destroying Silicon Valley in Santa Clara the world's leading microchip manufacturing area.

Foiling Main Strike

Bond and Stacey reach the mine, but Zorin soon begins to flood it with the first set of explosives. May Day, feeling betrayed after being left behind to die in the mine, changes sides and aids Bond in removing the bigger bomb that would destroy the lock. Doing so eventually costs her her life.In the finale, Bond manages to grab a rope attached to Zorin's airship as he leaves the mine. During the flight Bond gets the rope tangled in the Golden Gate Bridge. Zorin and Bond then fight upon the bridge resulting in Zorin falling to his death into the San Francisco Bay. 

Remember what I said  February 7th about Santa Clara CA the location of the failed Silicone Valley bank Friday March 10th


Many silicone Tech companies in Santa Clara CA are in jeopardy of going under water financially because of the loss of Bank accounts at Silicone Valley Bank in Santa Clara CA  

 Washington might let the rich investors in Silicone valley off the hook but Yeshua will not when He floods silicone valley with Unprecedented  salt water from the SF Bay. 

YHVA has  began the Judgement of California for the shedding of Innocent blood in the womb in California. What the California Voters did on November 8th 2022 by Legalizing and giving their blessing and approval for the wholesale murder of that which He has so beautifully created in the womb will not go unpunched now! What the California voters have set in motion will not be turned back unto California repents beginning with Governor Gavin Newsom!


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