21 Apr

America will Suddenly Attack Russia with Nukes!

April 2017 

I Had A 

Prophetic Dream 

In The Dream I Was Standing On A Beach Here In  California!! 

I Was Overlooking The Ocean As A Full Blue Moon  Glistened  Across The Water From The Horizon 

I noticed a group of People playing in the Water 50 yards to my right in the full moon. Suddenly I Recognized What looked like a shark approaching the coast about 500 yards away from the beach.

As it drew closer I suddenly noticed a wolf right next to my left side sitting up on his hind legs looking across the ocean toward the horizon.
As The Shark drew closer I then began to yell and  warn the group of people  as they were now laughingly playing like little children in the water. I screamed multiple times; " Get out of the water there is a shark approaching." It's as if they never even heard me. 

 At that same moment the wolf sitting  next to me stood at full attention and began barking @ the  Shark approach the beach now at about 300 yards.

As I looked  again toward what I thought was a  shark  all this time I suddenly realized it wasn't a shark it was a very large black ominous looking submarine. 

The Wolf  next to me was becoming more and more agitated and was barking as if it was ready to attack. 

Suddenly the Wolf lunged toward the water running at full speed jumped into the water as the large black submarine was now 200  yards (200 miles is international  waters) from the coastline. 

The Wolf began to swim toward the very large now  ominous looking submarine. I then Yelled at the Wolf you foolish wolf you can't attack a  submarine!

The Dream Ended!

  As I sought for understanding of the dream from Yeshua I felt led to look up  types of Submarines. 

To my shocking surprise the Russians have a nuclear Submarine that is called The Akula class, nuclear-powered attack submarines.

 Akula is English means shark🦈

I was now very  alarmed to say the least!😮

As I  continued researching  further about a subject I really knew nothing about.  

I then found another shocking surprise there is a American Nuclear class of Attack Submarines called the 

Jimmy Carter SeaWolf.🐺

The Jimmy Carter  Seawolf 🐺 is stationed here above on the 

West coast in Washington state.

At the time of the dream there were no threats of provocation 

are heightened war concerns between

 America and Russia.

When I saw this article this morning on Hal Turners news sight I knew instinctively it was connected to my dream 

April of 2017


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