27 Jun

April 2018 I Had A powerful dream;


"America's Sudden Nuclear Attack"


My dream was highlighted by a Full moon.

The next full moon 

July 3-4th

I heard Yeshua Ask me to count the total full moons 

from my Dream; 

"America's Sudden Nuclear  Attack" 

April 30th  2018 to July 3rd  2023.

There are 64 full moons 


April 30th 2018 to July 3rd 2023!

 In Greek Strong's Concordance #64 is (agreuo')

 means to; 

Catch! to take by Hunting! 🏹

 I heard Yeshua Say; 

America will be caught and snared 

 in her own craftiness,

 In her own (craft-witchcraft)

For Rebellion Is As The Sin Of Witchcraft And Arrogance Like The Evil Of Idolatry. Because You Have Rejected The Word Of The Lord , He Has Rejected You!

1 Samuel  15:23

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