10 Dec

The Anti-Christ War Of The Worlds Final Begins Against Humanity On December 12th 2023! 

Remember This Date! 

*December 12th 2023!*

It Is Also The Beginning Of The  World  ⚽ Cup In Saudi Arabia


 The Last Day Of Cop28 2023

The Pale Horse Rider!

Revelation 6:8

 The Crowing 🐓Rooster

Warned The 🌎 World On August 20th 2023!

"The Final⚽World Cup/ Hanuakka 2023/Mark Of the Beast"


* Private Prophetic Teaching*

We Are Now In The Very Hour Of The Anti-Christ Arising On The World Stage!

This Is The Hour That Daniel, John & Paul  And Most Importantly 


Warned Us Would Come! 

Matthew 24:15

That Hour Is Now Upon Us!  
I Highlighted 
3 Events In My Video and Article 

"The Final⚽World Cup/ Hanuakka 2023/Mark Of the Beast" 

 🎺 1st Event

The World Series Was The 1st Events I Highlighted!

For some reason I did not see this until this morning that the MLB playoffs In 2023 Began On 

October 7th!

The Day The War In Israel Began!

On that day the major league playoffs began with 4 ♠ wildcard playoff games  

October 7th!

It Begin The Run For The World Series 👑Crown That Was Played During The Feast of Tabernacles. 

What Yeshua said to me today was This;

"October 7th"

 It's the wildcard that began the  final countdown to Armageddon!"

The Clock Has Now Been Activated We Are In The 

Final 7 Years!

🎺The 2nd Event 

I highlighted was the World ⚽ Cup which begins December 12 the last day of COP28!


 "The final World Cup for 8 Billions souls begins  when the church at Philadelphia is Removed." 

The Philadelphia Phillies exited the playoffs on The Day of Atonement October 24-25. 

The Church at Philadelphia will receive atonement and Escape the Final 7 year tribulation period that begun on the day of Atonement 2023 and end the day of Atonement 2030

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