01 May

All The Global Attention Given To The April 8th Solar Eclipse

Was Unparalleled In Our Life Time!  

The Warning From Government Agencies Around The World To Be Prepared Seemed Very Strange And Bazaar!

Prepared For What? 

When The Solar Eclipse Passed  It Seemed To Prove All The Warnings Were False Alarms 


Were They?

Only Those With True Spiritual Discernment Can See Beyond This Physical Matrix!

During A Season Of Prayer I Was Suddenly Shown By The Holy Spirit  A Amazing Profound Insight That Shocked Me! 

To Say The Least!   

I Was Sudden Taken Back To The Crucifixion Of Jesus Christ   

April 5th 30AD!

I Saw The Heavens Above Jerusalem  

The Sun Was In The Constellation Of Aries The Lamb! 

The Full Moon

Of Passover 

Was Present In The Scales  Of Libra!

Then Suddenly 

I Saw The Heavens On 

April 8th 30AD

Nissan 17

Resurrection Morning

@ Dawn 

The Moon In The Constellation Of Sagittarius

Shooting His Arrows @ The Scorpion!

Suddenly April 8th 2024 Takes On A Whole New Profound 


April 8th 2024

 Was The 

Final Sabbath 

On YHVH Calandar 

A Powerful Harbinger!

Just Before The Sighting Of The New Moon On 

Tuesday April 9th 2024!

The Beginning Of The Month Of Abib/Nissan!

A Final Countdown To The 

End Of  

Barley Harvest!

The First Fruits Event Foretold!

4 Remaining Sabbaths

Tuesday April 16th

Tuesday April 23rd

Tuesday April 30th

Tuesday May 7th 2024


May 8th 2024!

Ending The Month Of Abib

The Sun(Son) The Final Harvest Cycle Begins

In May 2024


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