11 Aug

Strong's Greek Concordance 

#816. ateniz√≥ 

To Fix Ones Eyes  

To Direct My Gaze

look Steadily.

 Acts 1:10

  To Sister Irma-Joy;

 I think it's very possible that Yeshua Eschatology won't exactly match our Rapture Eschatology.  

We have been heavy influenced by the likes of Hal Lindsey ( the late great planet earth) and Tim LaHaye (Left Behind Series) I am not saying they don't have some truth.

 We May Well Find Out That Our


Is Not Deep Enough. 

We Are Wading In Shallow Waters. 

The Holy Spirit highlighted critical importance of following in the 

Footsteps Of Yeshua In 2023.

 The Church Has Been Weak In Its 

Understanding & Application 

Of The Unlimited Power

The New Birth In The Spirit! 


The Cross

Our Own Death To Self

Matthew 16:24-25

The Tomb

Our own Tomb

Romans 6:4 

 Leading toTrue 


John 11:25-26

  This  I Believe Has Led To Another Weakness 

 A True Revelation

 And Understanding

 Of Following In 

Yeshua Steps To Ascension 

John 20: 17-18.

This necessity for the Bride is to now turn in faith to behold her Resurrected King of Glory like Mary her next step In following Her Beloved going from glory to glory. 

She must follow Him and testify to Yeshua brethren even as Yeshua himself would do later that same evening.  John 20:19

The Bride following in the Bridegrooms footsteps after her Ascension, 

her translation is like unto her beloved translation, then returning to bear witness of her translation. 

Once the testimony is complete she will follow in John's footsteps and turn and behold her now glorified king of glory. And take her final step from translation to Glorification like unto her beloved

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