04 Aug

After my encounter this morning 

with heaven. 

I am overwhelmed with this sense of Awe and Wonder. 

I really don't want to say any more. It's like you don't want to ruin this 

Holy Moment 

I am sensing we are In right


This moment is holy and sacred and the atmosphere is charged with 

Awe and Wonder 

 I don't want this Holy moment to pass us by.

 I remember Jesus was going to pass the disciples while walking on the water 

Mark 6:48

The Question That Jumps Off The Page Is Why Would Jesus Pass Them By?

I Believe The Problem Was They Were Doing The Natural Thing!

It's Exactly What We Would Do As Well

  Fully Engage, Committed  In Our Human Effort

They Were Straining In Rowing!

  That's Why Jesus Almost 

Passed Them By! 

If They Would Have Ceased In Their Human Effort Immediately When They Saw Him Then The Threat Would Have Never Existed Of Him Passing Them By. 

How Often Does Jesus Pass Us By Because We Wont Cease In Our Human Striving!

As Soon As They Saw Him They Should Have Stopped And


We Should Never Reach A Point Of Complete Internal Upheaval and Emotional Turmoil That Grips  Our Hearts With Terrorizing Fear  Like The Disciples Did!

Yeshua/ Jesus Is Always Present!

But Are You 2 Busy In Your Human Struggle To Stop And Recognize Him

Then To Engage In Worship

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