09 Jun

I always wondered  in what month was Sodom and Gomorrah 


I  am going to share in this article what I strongly believe is the biblical evidence that Sodom and Gomorrah were destroyed in the month of 


Here is a powerful Video of the historical evidence  of Sodom & Gomorrah destruction!



I explored in my last video "June 17th-18th Bulleye" 🎯

Why the powers of Darkness have specifically targeted the Month of June! Now In Genesis Chapter 18 I believe we find the very root reason for Satan rage and hatred for the month of June and its all related to; 




In Genesis 18:1  Abraham is visited by "3 heavenly visitors!"

One being the Lord of Lords 

accompanied by 2 angels!

Abraham was given the promise from the Lord that he would be the the father of many nations in Genesis 17.

Yet Abraham and Sarah now past the age of natural birth  are visited by "3 heavenly Visitors" in Genesis 18.

Two very powerful realities with great eternal significance playing out together I believe you will soon see in the month of June.

One is the pending Judgement of Sodom and Gomorrah 

that YHVH word describes in Genesis 18. Interesting side note for those that are not Christians  even the Quran 11:74-83 states the exact same reason for the historical judgement against Sodom and Gomorrah. 

Secondly and far more important is the Announcement of the Coming Son of Promise by the Lord of Glory to Abraham and Sarah in Genesis 18:10

Again two powerful realities playing out simultaneously both having great eternal significance!

There is a hidden truth concerning the timing of Sodom and Gomorrah destruction and The Son of Promises Birth!

in Genesis 18: 10 where The Lord declares that according to "the time of life" (about this time next year) Sarah will give birth to a son.  

Now when is  to "the time of Life" ?

The word "time" in Hebrew can literally can be translated to "Season" in the English.

What season does life begin. Summer, Fall, Winter or Spring

 Spring is the time that new life begins.

Now if you count back 9 months or 40 weeks or 280 days from the Spring Equinox March 21-22nd  you arrive at the 

last Sabbath



June 17th 2023 

Just before the Summer Equinox

Now the Question is did Sarah conceive when Sodom and Gomorrah were destroyed?

 I believe Genesis 18:12 gives us a powerful hidden insight when Sarah Laughed at the Lords Announcement  in verse 10. 

I believe at the very moment the spoken word was made from the Lord of the Son of Promise Birth That both Sarah's womb and Abraham's seed was made alive.

This  very personal appearance and visitation from the Lord in Genesis 18  was Sarah time of conception and next years promise visitation from the Lord would be The time of the Son of Promises birth.

Another hidden secret to confirm that Sarah conceived at the time of Sodom and Gomorrah destruction was that Abraham and Sarah marked the birth of the son of promise the following spring @ the "time of Life" by naming Him Issac which means Laughter.

Thereby Honoring The Lords

 spoken word 9 months earlier to them when Sarah laughed @ the Lord's personal visitation announcing the coming of  Abraham's and Sarah Son of Promises birth.

So I said I would reveal the root reason for why the kingdom of Satan has specifically targeted the month of June 2022 and now 2023!

Gods word declares in Galatians 4:26 

"Sarah is the mother of us all."

Now from Sarah womb came the nation of Israel  and from the nation of Israel came the Messiah!

The Kingdom of Satan is warring  in the month of June 2023 through the spirit of this age influencing  our cultural  to be in compete opposition to; 

The coming birth or transformation 

of the Pure Bride of Yeshua

 the Sons and Daughter of promise that began with Abraham and Sarah in Genesis 18.


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