08 May

My Dear Community Of Friends

I Awoke From A 2.5 Hour Much Needed Nap Monday May 6th Late Afternoon 


I Just Could Not Stop laughing For At Least 2 Hours. 

Everything Was Completely Hilarious For Some Reason It Was Obviously 

Your Community Prayers! 

I Never Experienced Prayers That Caused Me Such 

Joy Unspeakable 

Full Of Glory

 1Peter 1;8


Is The Word For 


The Highest Type Of Love 


I Received A Powerful Prophetic Word And Promise

 Sunday May 5th During Our Bible Study 

While Praying 

For Irma-Joys 2 Sons!

The Word Was 


I Can't Begin To Express The Feeling I Am Enjoying Personally From That Phrase Though It Was Meant 



I Am Overwhelmed With 

Joy& God's Love 

 These Last Few Days On A Level I Don't Know If I Have Ever Felt Before Over A Consistent Period Of 48 Hours!

Monday Right Before 

My 2.5 Hour Nap 

I Was Sitting On Our Back Patio And Suddenly Our

 ( Blue Jay) 

Lands On Our Pool Deck! 

This Is The (2nd Time) Now In 5 Days That I've Seen Him On Our Back Patio

I Was Shocked To See Him @ All 

It Was The 1st Time In Over A Year Since He Last Made A Appearance!

He (Blue Jay) Then Jumps Up On Our Back Fence Skipping Along The Fence All The Way Just Skipping Along Then  Suddenly Flies Away!

It Was So Funny Watching Him Dance Along Our Fence!

I Suddenly Heard 

Yeshua Say;

Song Of Solomon 2:8-10

" My beloved! Look! Here he comes, (SKIPPING) across the mountains, bounding over the hills.My beloved is like a gazelle or a young stag. Behold, he is standing behind our wall, He is looking through the windows, He is gazing through the lattice. “My beloved speaks and says to me, 

'Arise, my love, my fair one, and


I Can't Begin To Explain The Profound Effect And Meaning Of This Encounter With The (Blue Jay) 

And Yeshua Invitation And Call To Us! Yes All Of Us!

To Come Away 

As The (Blue Jay) Skipped All Along Our Fence And Then Flew Away.

Then May 7th!

(Irma-Joys Birthday)


Philadelphia Phillies 

Played The Toronto Blue Jays In Philadelphia!

The Philadelphia Phillies 


May 7th 

On Irma-Joys Birthday 

Their #26 Wins 

To Lead Major League Baseball !



It Means  


"Love Wins"

What Are The Odds???

That The Sunday May 5th Promise To Irma-Joy 


This Community

"Love Wins"

 Would Be Fulfilled  On 

Irma- Joys Birthday 

May 7th

I Believe A Greater 

Birthday Promise Is Coming!

A Harvesting Moment

In Time! 



Calendar Iyar  2-14

A Follow Up 2

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