26 Jul

Prophetic dream on July 26th : The dream was located on a peaceful farm with a large barn . All the farm equipment was sitting quietly idle. I was enjoying a wonderful plate of salad and found 50 dollars hidden in the salad. I entered carrying the 50 dollars to my wife who was present in the barn. I  communicated  to her in a serious tone the importance of the 50 dollars! I then gave my wife the 50 dollars and told her to hold on to it. I then turned and left the barn and the dream ended. 

Interpretation:  The farm was quietly Idle and represented the end of the wheat harvest season.  I  represented Yeshua in my dream and my wife represented the bride of Yeshua. The salad represented the Lords 7 feasts .  

Of the 7 feasts He placed a very important emphasis on the feast of Pentecost to His Bride.    

The 50 dollars represented Pentecost ( which means 50). In the dream Yeshua wanted his bride to receive understanding of the extreme importance concerning when Pentecost would "fully come." 

Again Yeshua wanted his Bride to receive revelation and understanding then to hold on to it  tightly about the extreme importance of when Pentecost would "fully come."

From my dream on July 26th to October 29th the last day of the feast of ingathering is 95 days.

 In Strong's concordance  #95 is the Greek word "agowrah"  Meaning; To gather a grain or fruit. 

Strongs Concordance #  726- harpaz√≥: to seize, catch up, snatch away 


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