10 Mar

 Remember me sharing this with all of you on February 16th on crowingroosterprophecy.com



Yeshua showed  me Lower Manhattan Banking/financial district

 come to a complete stop

 It was on Sunday February 12th @6;45pm kickoff of the Super Bowl Yeshua showed me the financial district of Manhattan  come to a complete stop.

 I shared a second warning March 3rd  about credit markets seizing up possibly this week.  I  mentioned that it would  be good to have cash on hand in case of a run on banks.

645 in Greek Strong's Concordance is "Apospao" means;"
To retire, to drag away, to tear away

It's happening banking and Credit freeze happening across the board now!

Silicone Valley bank -80%

 Many personal/ Company banking accounts in jeopardy as mortgage back securities unravel. People can't get there 401 k money out of Vanguard for over 2 months counting. Credit Swisse going under. Bank stocks getting hammered in markets this week ,

 it's going to be bad from here get ready!

The financial  storm that is upon us will lead to the great Global reset in which today @ 5pm (pst) I will reveal with overwhelming Biblical evidence that the Son of Perdition will be revealed at Passover 2023  

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