14 Oct

Gabriela & Emmanuela

 Jesus Wants To Take You Both To Cinderella's Ball!

Jesus Wants You To Love Each Other  As Sister's Because Your Both Going To Cinderella's Ball!

You Dont Need To Compete With Each Other Who Is The Best

Jesus Says Your Equally 

My Best 2 Sisters!

 In All Of South Africa!

So Together *Gabriela & *Emmanuela  

My Favorite 2 Sisters!  

In All Of South Africa 

You Are Personally Invited By Invitation From Jesus To 

Cinderella's Ball! 

When You Get Older Jesus Promises You He will Bring The Prefect Man Into Your Life And You Will 

Fall In Love ❤

And Be Very Very Happy

But Here Is A  Important Key To Follow 

Gabriela & Emmanuela 

That Will Lead You To   Wonderful Dreams

Will You Pray 🙏Together  As Sisters Every Day For Other Girls Your Age In South Africa Who Have Not Been Invited Yet To

Cinderella's Ball! 

So Many Girls Your Age In South Africa Who Have No Hope Only 

Broken Dreams!

Your Pray🙏Together  Gabriela & Emmanuela  Are The Key To Thousands Of Girls Your Age  Be Invited To

 Cinderella's Ball! 

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