17 Jul

I want to share a Email; 

Monday July 17th 2023

 I Saw In The Spirit The Bride Blowing A 

Silver trumpet!

Then I Saw The Father

 Exchange The Brides  Silver Trumpet For A

Gold trumpet! 

Silver trumpets are very very important in the kingdom.  We each have a musical role to play in the Kingdom gifts/ministry/ The great commission

Silver is typical of grace in atonement. Silver trumpets were blown in Leviticus 23;24  announcing  on the 1st day of the 7th month Feast of trumpets.

Then The Trumpets Are Blown Again

 10 Days Later On The 

Day of Atonement.

In The Holy Of Holies Everything Is Covered In Gold

This Is The Meaning Of The Golden Trumpet Given To The Bride

She Has Entered The Holy Of Holies Were The Shekinah Glory Dwells 

On the day of Atonement 2017 we were in Ft Lauderdale Florida getting ready for a Cruise šŸš¢ vacation. While waiting for our shuttle ride from our hotel I had a powerful encounter with Yeshua that only lasted a few seconds. 

But it was enough to forever change the direction of my heart.ā¤

Yeshua walked into our hotel room unseen but gloriously felt and touched my heartā¤ with one finger and turn and left without saying a word.

In this way it changed my heartā¤forever!

The direction of my heart was always for him , declaring him, sharing him, speaking of him to others.

Suddenly my heart that was directed for Himwas now directed 2 Him!!!

It doesn't seem like much on paper but the change produced results that were very obvious from that point on.

I became overcome by Yeshua personal gaze as I was now look at him instead of looking to share him and directing my sight at others and for others.

I became more and more taken by his loving gaze, His eyes of fiery love (Revelation 1:14)

I'm seeing Face to Face destiny for the Bride, but She must Trade her silver trumpet for a gold trumpet!  A ministry 2 Him not for him yet the fruitfulness for the kingdom will yet increase.

I heard the Father Say; 

  I am looking for a bride

 who has been raptured

 By Love For My Son,  

Not a Church  looking for a 

rapture date! 

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