21 May

Yet I See A Ocean  Full Of People 

Drowning In 


60% Of Christians Surveyed Confess Their Need For Medication To Deal With 

Depression And Anxiety

Solomon's Wisdom Is Needed

Granted By God 


2 Chronicles 1:11-12

With That Gift Of Wisdom Solomon Proclaims; 

Daughters of Jerusalem, I charge you: Do not arouse or awaken love until it so desires.

Song Of Solomon 8:4

A Willing Heart Is The 

Conduit To Love

Until Someone Has A Willing Heart Love Remains 

Distant An Unattainable

We Live In A Culture That Is Full Of Cliches

Cliche- A Phrase That Betrays A Lack Of True Personal Thoughtfulness And Feeling

Disingenuous, Trite  


Lacking Sincerity

Christians Use Familiar  Religious Cliches 


Until We Posses A Willing Heart Love Remains 

Distant An Unattainable

But I Am Captured  By This Powerful Thought  Today 

May 21st 2024

"Hope Floats"

This Is Where It All Begins! 

Song Of Solomon 8:4

With A Willing


That Then Awakens Love

God Asked Adam This Question In The Garden Of Eden

Where Are You Adam?

The Hidden Heart

Prayer In It's Unadulterated Pure Form Is 


It Is A Conduit  To 


That Creates Buoyancy

A Ocean Of God's Love that

Floats Hope 

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