11 Dec

I Believe  Heaven Twinkled @ Mankind When Yeshua Was Conceived In Mary's Womb!

It Was On 4th day of Hanukkah That Mary Conceived ! 

It Very Interesting That Yeshua is Standing In The (Middle) Of The Candle Sticks In Revelation 1:13!

When John Hears A Voice Like A 

🎺 Trumpet In Revelation 1:10!

I Do  Believe Friday December 8th Was The True 1st Day Of Hanukkah Even Though The World Celebrated The Lighting Of The First Candle🕯️ On The Menorah Thursday Night. 

I Do Believe Starting @ 6 pm Tonight to 6 pm Tuesday Night Is The 

4th Day Of Hanukkah!

 A Once In Life Time Event The Star ⭐ Betelgeuse  Will Twinkle On The 

4th Day Of Hanukkah! 

Betelgeuse ⭐ Is Set To Twinkle @ 3am In Israel December 12th At The First 

Crowing Rooster🐓Hour!

A Asteroid Named 319 Leona Will Pass In The Front Of The Star ⭐ Betegeuse  Causing It To Blink How Large Is The⭐Star Betelgeuse? 

Betelgeuse's Measurements Are Approximately 950 Times Larger Than Our Sun 

With A Diameter Of About 767 million miles (about 1.2 billion km). 

It Is 10-20 Times More Massive Than Our Sun And Emits Between 7,500 and 14,000 Times As Much Energy. 

Tonight December 11th Begins The 4th Day Of Hanukkah!

Here Is The Absolutely Amazing Revelation I Received Last Night! 

When John Hears A Voice Like A


And Turns Revelation 1:10&12 

John Then See's Yeshua In the (MIDDLE) 

Of The Candle Sticks In Revelation 1:13

 That Word (MIDDLE) Is 'MESOS In Greek And It Is Found In; 

Matthew 25:6 

"In The (MESOS) Of The Night There Was A Cry Made; 


"In a flash, in the twinkling of an eye, at the last 🎺 trumpet. For the trumpet will sound, the dead will be raised imperishable, and we will be changed. 

1 Cor. 15:52 

Could It Be When⭐Betelgeuse Is Set To Twinkle @ 3am In Israel 

December 12th! 

@ The First Crowing Rooster🐓Hour!

 That Our Bridegroom Will Come! Be Ready! For In A Hour You Think Not! 

The Crowing Rooster 🐓

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