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Strongs Concordance  #726 harpázō – properly, seize by force; snatch up, suddenly and decisively – like someone seizing bounty (spoil, a prize); to take by an open display of force.

On July 26th 2021 I had a dream about Yeshua coming on Pentecost to take His Bride here is the Link to the blog I posted on July 26th 2021.


On July 28th 2021 I followed up Part 1 with this (feast of ingathering part 2)


Here is what I posted on July 28th 2021 (updated)

I wanted to take this 2nd  blog on THE FEAST OF INGATHERING" to expound upon my dream on July 26th 2021. 

God very often used dreams recorded throughout scripture to communicate to us His thoughts, desires, purpose, and plans which in return gives us the direction, understanding and insight needed to fulfill our destiny in Him

I am reminded of a scripture passage in Proverbs 25:2 which says; "It is the glory of God to conceal a matter, But the glory of kings is to search out a matter." 

I believe a true dream from the Holy Spirit will be dripping with the dew of heaven.  

"I arose up to open to my beloved; and my hands dropped with myrrh, and my fingers with sweet smelling myrrh, upon the handles of the lock." Song of Songs 5:5 

In my dream on July 26th 2021 which was Tammuz 17th on YEHOVAH  calendar.  There was a very  profound and unique way in which the Holy Spirt communicated to me the importance and joyful reward of receiving YEHOVAH word concerning that Pentecost had  "fully come." 

I was not aware when I had my dream on July 26th 2021 that July 26th 2022 is the date of the feast of Shavuot/ Pentecost in 2022! I was in complete shock when I made the connection!

This year Tammuz 17 (July 16 2022) is the start of three weeks of Mourning & Fasting leading to Tisha B' Av  the 9th of Av (August 6th 2022) date of the destruction of the 1st& 2nd temples in Jerusalem. 

Will Tammuz 17 (July 16 2022) be the start of direct military conflict between Nato countries including America and Russia.

Russian Security County Deputy Chairman Dmitry Medvedev said in a recent interview; "one can believe that the horsemen of the Apocalypse are already on their way and all hope is in Almighty God," 

Billionaire investor Bill Ackman tweeted that Russia's attack on Ukraine means World War 3 has "likely already started.

"DAVOS (Reuters) - Billionaire financier George Soros said on Tuesday that Russia's invasion of Ukraine may have been the beginning of World War Three so the best way to preserve free civilization was for the West to defeat President Vladimir Putin's forces.

“World War III has been declared,” Pope Francis said in a wide-ranging conversation with the editors of European Jesuit publications on May 19. 

Could we also witness in the month of Tammuz(July) the coming predicted Biblical war starting with Iran along with the Proxys of Iran; Syria and Lebanon/Hezbollah attacking Northern Israel.

   At the very same time a completely different  destiny for the Bride of YESHUA !

"You have turned my mourning into dancing for me; You have untied my sackcloth and encircled me with joy" Psalms 30:11

"Very truly I tell you, you will weep and mourn while the world rejoices. You will grieve, but your grief will turn to joy." John 16:20



John 16:22  "Now is your time of grief, but I will see you again and you will rejoice, and no one will take away your joy." 

 Wow! just so amazing! In my dream YEHOVAH placed a exclamation point!   upon this powerful reality of Joy overtaking His Bride. and not just any joy but exuberant joy, ecstatic delight, exultation,  exhilaration.  

In my dream I discovered 50 dollars in the denominations  of 2-20$ dollar bills and 1-10$ bill hidden in the beautiful salad which represented the 7 feasts of the Lord. 

The 50 dollars clearly represented Pentecost as the term Pentecost comes from the Greek Πεντηκοστή (Pentēkostē) meaning "fiftieth".

But as I soon discovered the  2-20$ dollar bills and 1-10$ dollar bill had rich meaning which I will share shortly.

The clear focal point of the dream was the giving of the 50$ dollars to my wife which represented the bride of Yeshua in my dream. 

I was a little taken back by why I had such a serious tone of communication to my wife concerning receiving and holding on to the 50$ dollars which represented something very important concerning Pentecost.

The serious tone expressed the importance of receiving the truth concerning Pentecost  and the very soon return for His Bride and the end of the church age.

 I felt Yeshua was grieved that so many watchman were misleading the Bride through information gleaned from the world and false calendars and not the calendar given to Moses in the Torah.

There is one calendar and only one calendar that YEHOVAH delivered to Moses in scripture. Yet so many watchman communicate times, dates and seasons through the worlds rituals and multiple calendars instead of YEHOVAH divinely inspired word which is producing mass confusion, disappointment, and hope deferred in the bride of Yeshua.

The deep love that Yeshua has for his bride was so richly communicated in the giving of the 50$ dollars in denominations of 2-20$ dollar bills and 1-10$ dollar bill.  

Starting with the #20 found in Strong's concordance; Strong's Concordance #20 (agalliasis)
Definition: exultation, exuberant joy, wild joy, ecstatic delight, exultation, exhilaration.                   

The beautiful scripture verse that is linked to strongs #20 is found in Jude 1:24-25; "Now to Him who is able to keep you from stumbling, And to present you faultless Before the presence of His glory with wild joy, ecstatic delight, exultation, exhilaration exceeding joy (agalliasis) To God our Savior, Who alone is wise, Be glory and majesty, dominion and power, Both now and forever. Amen."

Two 20$ dollar bills then express a double blessing of exuberant joy!   "Instead of your shame you will receive a double portion, and instead of disgrace you will rejoice in your inheritance. And so you will inherit a double portion in your land, and everlasting joy will be yours." 

Isaiah 61:7  Isaiah finishes with this beautiful climactic crescendo !I delight greatly in the Lord; my soul rejoices in my God. For he has clothed me with garments of salvation and arrayed me in a robe of his righteousness, as a bridegroom adorns his head like a priest, and as a bride adorns herself with her jewels. 

Then finally the book of Numbers chapter 10 depicts the 10$ dollar bill in my dream! 

I will key on a couple Verses:

 Verse 2- “Make two trumpets of hammered silver for calling the community to assemble and for signaling the breaking of camp.

Verse 10- "Also at your times of rejoicing—your appointed festivals and New Moon feasts—you are to sound the trumpets over your burnt offerings and fellowship offerings, and they will be a memorial for you before your God. I am the LORD your God.” 

 Finally verse 11-12 "And it came to pass on the twentieth day of the second month, in the second year, that the cloud was taken up from off the tabernacle of the testimony. 

And the children of Israel took their journeys out of the wilderness of Sinai; and the cloud rested in the wilderness of Paran."  

Wanted you to notice that when the silver trumpet was blown  the children of Israel moved for the first time from mount Sinai since Shavuot/ Pentecost to the wilderness of 'Paran.'  

Paran This name derives from the Hebrew “pâ'ar > pâ'rân”, meaning “to glorify, beautify, adorn”.

Paran is a Hebrew bible place in which the Israelites encamped after Sinai   "to make Glorious" from the verb (Pa'ar)  to "Glorify.

"The bride of Yeshua is soon to be adorned, to be glorified and gloriously transformed after this final Pentecost journey!  

I hope you can see the beautifully rich meaning that Yeshua was communicating through my dream on July 26th 2021

The Moon was New in the "Scales of Libra" on October 6, 2021, at 7:05 AM EDT. This phase of the Moon occurs at 13 degrees and 25 minutes of Libra. The 1st of Tishri 5782.

From 10th Tishri (October 16) "The Day of Atonement 2021"

To; July 26th 2022 the feast of Pentecost= 283 days!

283 in Strong's concordance is the Greek word "amíantos" means pure, undefiled, untainted, free from contamination.

Let us be glad and rejoice and give honor to Him, for the marriage of the Lamb is come, and His wife hath made herself ready.” Rev 19:7



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