29 Nov

Detox Off The Christmas Spirit

And Enter the Noah Zone!

November 29th 2023 During The 

4th Watch The Crowing 🐓Rooster

Heard Him Who Sits Upon the Throne Ask These 2 Question?

Is My Son Just A Genie In A Bottle?

To The Christian 🌎 World?

In stories from Arabia and Persia, a genie is a spirit which appears and disappears by magic and obeys the person who controls it.

2nd Question

Is Jesus Your Personal Mascot?

The meaning of MASCOT is a person, animal, or object adopted by a Person or group as a symbolic figure especially to bring them 

Good Luck! 


During the 4th watch November 29th I see Yeshua/Jesus Marking His own this morning! 

Passing by so many , passing by the multitudes, the crowds!

 Then He Sees One! 

One in the crowd that is crying "Rabboni"

 Yeshua stops and the crowd vanishes!

And Only One Remains!

Are You That 


This morning The Father was showing me out of *Mark 10 51-52  this, 

key to Life!


There is only 2 places in all the Gospels where this title is spoken 

 In Mark 10:51-52

 & John 20;16 

It means; 


You would think everyone would have called Yeshua Rabboni.

 But No! 

It's only uttered  2 times in all the Gospels! 

Everyone called him Rabbi which means;

 Good Teacher 

If you only see Yeshua as a good teacher like the rich young ruler in   

Matthew 19: 16-26

 Then your eyes are never truly opened 

Until Yeshua becomes your Master then your eyes truly are opened to the truth of who Yeshua really is and then experience His 

Life changing power in our lives!

When the blind man In Mark 10 and Mary in John 20  called Him 


 Their eyes where opened to See Yeshua


They experienced His Power and Glory in their lives! 

We Come To the ♱Cross In Complete Surrender To Him!

 We Follow Yeshua to the Tomb!

We then Experience The 

Unlimited Power 

Of the 

New Birth/ Resurrection 

That Qualifies Us For 


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