01 Jan


505pm December 31 

New Years Eve I Was Suddenly Awakened After A Short Afternoon Nap To This Overwhelming Thought;

"It's Midnight!"



It's Almost Midnight! 


"It's Midnight"

And the hour glass is empty!

In 2024

The word “midnight” occurs fourteen times in the Bible. It is always associated with some demonstration of the power of God: either in 

Salvation or in Judgment 

The term “midnight” speaks of that moment when one day ends and another day starts. It is often used symbolically to describe a major change in our life’s experience

The first time the word “midnight” appears in the Bible is when the Passover feast was first observed in Israel.

 It was "midnight" when God sent the death angel to destroy the first-born son in the homes of the Egyptian people.

 At midnight, the Lord struck down the firstborn in each home in the land of Egypt (Exodus 11:4; 12:29).  

The "midnight" about which we are concerned in this message, however, is the hour that is referred to in 

Matthew 25

The other "midnight's" in life are important, but God’s "midnight" is the most solemn and serious of all the "midnight's" that will ever strike in anyone’s life! 

It is the "midnight" which marks the end of a person’s opportunity to get right with God, 

And the beginning of one’s eternity either with God 


Without Him! 

The lesson that Yeshua taught through the parable In Matthew 25 is obvious. 

The Bible makes it clear that when the "midnight" hour strikes on God’s clock in any person’s life, the door of opportunity is shut, and is shut forever!

The Crowing🐓 Rooster 

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