20 Apr

In Matthew 9:28 Yeshua  Declares These  Words;

Pray To The 

"Lord Of The Harvest'"

 Yeshua Was Declaring 1 Of The 7 Names Of Jehovah 

Jehovah Sabaoth  

The End Of The Age 

Is Depicted As 

"A  Final Harvest"

Matthew 13:39

One Final Harvest Cycle   

(3) Feasts (3) Final Harvests


*Iyar 3-14

*Ruth 3:14

"So she (Ruth) lay down at his Feet (Boaz the Kinsman Redeemer) at harvest end on the Threshing floor"


Hebrews 8: 4-5

 We Are Told The Natural Is A Shadow Of The Spiritual.

The (3) Harvest Feasts Of Israel Are A Copy Of Heavenly Things.

They Are Typology  Of Things To Come, Meaning They Are Prophetic.

PASSOVER- Barley Harvest 


PENTECOST- Wheat Harvest 

( Summer)

TABERNACLES- Grape Harvest! 

( Fall)

(3) Harvests Depicting (3) Types Of Believers 

@ The End Of The Age 

Each Of The (3) Separate Final Harvests Representing (3) Different Groups Of People!

When Seeking To Understand The Final End Times Harvest We Find These (3) Prevalent Rapture Doctrines 






These (3) All Have Biblical  Support, 

Each Of These (3) Different Positions Represent (3) Different Camps Within The Body Of Christ

Is It Not True! 

 That The Scriptures Clearly Declare To Each One Of Us We Only;

" Know's In Part And We All Prophecy In Part!"

Corinthians 13:9

Dont Let The Religious Spirit Convince You Otherwise!

The End Of The Age Is Depicted By One Last Harvest Cycle 


Ripens First In Spring @ The Time Of Passover


Ripens Next In The Summer @ The Time Of Pentecost



 Ripen Last In The Fall @ The  Time Of Tabernacles

The Barley first fruit Harvest In Israel Is A Prophetic Type And Shadow Of The First Fruit People Of God.

Think Of The Personal Implications!!

1)Pre-Tribulation /Barley!



The Fact That Barley Matures Early Tells Us That The “Barley Firstfruits” Are The First People To Be Made Ready In The; 

"Final Harvest Cycle!"

Barley Is A Soft Grain, Easy To Separate From The Outer Husk 

It Is The Easiest Grain To Winnow. 

Matthew 3:12

This is what the Barley people are like, soft and pliable in the hands of the Lord!

No Need For Tribulum For Barley!!!

The Barley People Are The Overcomer's, And They Are Represented By The;

5 Wise Virgins In Matthew 25 

This Group Is Harvested Before The Beginning Of The

 Final 7 Year Tribulation 

As They Have Made Themselves Ready!

Revelation 19:7

The Biblical Year In Israel Begins With The First New Moon As The Barley In Israel Reaches A Stage Of Ripeness Called Aviv. 

It Is Significant That The New Year Could Only Be Declared When The Barley Was Ready To Be Harvested. 

The Harvest Of The First Fruits Barley People Into Glory Will Mark The Beginning Of A New Era

A New Translated Creation

The Wheat In Contrast Takes Longer To Mature And Require The Summer Heat Of The Sun To Completely Ripen.

Wheat Has A Much Harder Husk 

 Wheat Is More Difficult To Separate The Shaft From The Wheat Grain. 

 It Must Be Crushed In A Threshing Process 

Their Unwillingness To Previously Submit To the Correction , Discipline and  The Lordship Of Yeshua Over their Lives Disqualifies Them From Being The;

 Barley Bride

The Wheat Comes To Harvest Following The Barley Harvest Suggesting The Wheat People Will Come To Spiritual Maturity @ A Later Time. 

They Represent 

The Immature Lukewarm Believers

The 5 Foolish Virgins 

Not Yet Ready When The Bridegroom Come For The Barley Bride!

They Must Face The Harsher Threshing Floor And Heat Of The 1st Half Of The Tribulation Period In Order To Be Made Ready!

Is Depicted As 

"A  Final Harvest"

Matthew 13:39

One Final Harvest Cycle! 

Begins In May 2024!  

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