19 Oct

Kangaroos are often referred to as "roos". Male kangaroos are called bucks, boomers, jacks, or old men; females are does, flyers, or jills; and the young ones are joeys.

 The collective noun for a group of kangaroos is 

A Mob! A Court! A Troupe!

Jesus Is speaking to the collective  Global Christian Church

A Mob! 

A large crowd of people, especially one that is disorderly

The Global Christian church is Out of Order!

I Am About To Set My House In Order

Pastors Have Become 


Fleecing My Flock


I'm About To Take Down Some 


A Court! 

My Court Is In Session!

Everyone Needs To Stop Talking

 And Start Listening!

 And Obeying My Spirit!

And Not Your Fleshly Appetites!

My Church is Given To Non-Stop  Talking but never weeping!

Never Given To weeping For the Lost  🌎 World around them!

This Is Going To Change

 The Earth Shaking Events

 Will Bring My Church To Repentance!

The Tears Of The Father That Sent His Only Begotten Son From Heaven To Earth will Flood  The Altar Of My Church Again 

And My Radical❤‍🔥Love Will 

Overtake You! 

In Place Of Your Self- Centered Ambitions!

So The🌎 World Will See That My Son Is Worthy Of A Life In Complete Total Surrender!

Then I will Hear From Heaven and pour out

 My Spirit And My Glory In The Earth!

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