08 Dec

The Crowing🐓Rooster Kick-Off Event Warning Has Come To Pass! 

Yesterday November 7th I Posted   

"Kick-Off Event Hanukkah 2023"

On The Historic Date Of 

Japan's Pearl Harbor Attack On America!

Kick-off Event Meaning 

To start, to commence, to initiate, put into motion, to get underway, launch, start the ball rolling. 

I did a article called 

" The Dark Knight Rises Tonight" 

April 19th 2023" 

On the eve of the new moon and the beginning of YHVH calendar 

April 20 2023


April 20 was also Adolf Hitler's Birthday. There was a arm of the SS Nazis military called the 

"Black Knights of the Third Reich" 

There is A Movie Called: 

"The Dark Knight Rises" 

Where A Explosion In A Football Stadium Occurs During A Kick-Off @ A Football Game!

There is a very clear Pittsburgh Steelers Jersey colors and retired KickOff  Returner Hines Ward #86

During The New England Patriots- Pittsburgh  Steelers Thursday Night Football Game

On the Anniversary Of The Attach By Japan on Pearl Harbor 

Which I highlighted During My Last Video Called 

" The Kick-Off Event Hanukkah 2023" 


There was Intel released at the same time as the New England-Pittsburgh Steelers football game 

That Deutsche Bank of Germany 75 trillion in derivatives (debt instruments)  has imploded!

Followed by the Intel announcement that the Bank of Japan derivative exposure has also just imploded.

 Kick-off Event means; to start, to commence, to initiate, put into motion, to get underway, launch, start the Ball rolling. 

 The Pioneer Of Global 🌎Teen Challenge And Once Senior Pastor of Time Square Church/ Author of 60 books including the best selling book "The Cross and the Switch Blade"

David Wilkerson 

Has A Prophecy About This 

Very Event Occurring

Go To The  2:03 Mark  "It Will Start In Germany..... 


On December 15 2023  150 trillion in Derivative debt obligations comes due in the American banking System. 

So during Thursday night NFL game  New England- Pittsburgh 

My Kick- Off Warning 

Steve Quayle received a phone call from Asia live on the program that Deutsche Bank was not allowing withdraws In Japan and that the Bank of Japan has officially imploded because of very serious overwhelming  derivative Exposure! 

The 3rd of 3 Nations mentioned Germany, Japan the America follows fulfilling David Wilkerson prophecy

The Black Knight Rises

The Anti -Christ The Beast Digital System Will Now Replace the Present Global  Financial System! It's 

"The Kick- Off Event" 

The Crowing Rooster 🐓

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