16 May

May 16th 2024!

 I Suddenly Saw In The Spirit Our  

"Little Flock" 

Running In The Concourse Of An Airport

To Our Kingdom Departure Flight!

I Began To Remember 

Linda Dream 

Of Our Little Flock Running

Down A Tunnel To Our Departure Door

To Our Kingdom Departure Seats 

"Do Not Fear Little Flock It Is The Fathers Good Pleaure To Give You The Kingdom"

Luke 12:32

So We 


"Little Flock" 

A Pre-Trip Plan 

Siem At The Finish Line 5/12/24


Revelation 3:7

 To The Angel Of The Church At Philadelphia....

On The Very EVE Of The Crowing Roosters  37th Month  Of Ministry   

Tuesday May 21st  2024

4pm West Coast, 6pm Central, 7pm East Coast, 9am Wednesday Australia 

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