08 Jun

I Was Drawn This Morning June 8th By The Holy Spirit  To

 John 11:17

Where It States That Jesus Delayed His Arrival To Bethany By (4) Days!

  The Stakes Couldn't Have Been Higher For Lazarus And His 2 Sisters Mary And Martha! 

We Know The Story Well, But The Personal Application Is 

Never Easy!

The Personal Response From Mary In 

Yeshua Late Arrival

"If Only You Were Here" 

In Verse 32 

Is A Universal Human Response! 

All That Were Present Were All Deeply Moved By Mary's Cry 

"If Only You Were Here"

Yeshua Himself Was Profoundly Affected Himself As He

"Groaned Deeply And Wept"  

These Words Of Yeshua  

Ring True Throughout The Ages 

"That Those Who Will Believe Will Witness The Salvation Of The Lord!" 

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