19 Feb

Looking @ Mercury a type of forerunner and the groomsman

 in conjunction with the star 🌟 Theta Capricorni on 

February 20th-21st.

 Theta is the 8th letter in the  Greek Alphabet. 8 being the # of new beginnings. I thought of Mercury`s position transitioning from the goat 🐐 portion ( atonement/ death) to the fish🐠 portion ( resurrection/ life) in Capricorn. 

What a beautiful image given to us in the heavens on February 20th-21st especially considering the word and warning about Capricorn I had on December 23 last year.

Now  the warning Friday of the transition from Mardi Gras to Lent!

  While we were in San Fransisco praying in Ashbury District in San Fransisco  for a return of the Jesus people movement where it all began in Ashbury in 1970 I received a very serious warning about  Mardi Gras!

You should pray🙏for wisdom and guidance about the Mardi Gras celebration/ official day is Tuesday February 21st 2023 and the warning of the season of Lent starting Wednesday February 22nd.

Saturday morning after returning from San Fransisco when I woke up Yeshua said: "look at your parking pass for San Francisco." The time stamp is 4:21 . #421 in Hebrew concordance is (alah) means to WAIL, TO LAMENT ! 


 French Canadian explorer Pierre Le moyne d'lberville brought the festival to American shores In 1699. The Pagan festival has it's roots in Saturnalia, and Lupercalia.

Once Christianity become the state religion of Rome. Religious leaders then blended pagan tradition with Christian tradition.  Remember Constantine made Christianity the state religion of Rome in 321 AD and declared himself head of the Christian church. What resulted was a complete sinful indulgence and drunken orgy festivals just before the abstinence and sober period called lent. 

Now this is what the Lord said; 

"Lent this year will be a time of great Mourning on a level never seen or witnessed before in America." 


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