11 Aug

While It Was Still Dark

 🐓4th Watch 🐓

Mary Magdalene came to the tomb and found that the 

stone had been rolled away from the entrance.  

John 20:1

I Asked My YouTube Followers 3 Months Ago?

There are 2 Ascensions of Jesus In the Gospel story!

We all know the public Ascension in Acts 1:11,

Can anyone tell Me the second? 

Not one single person could tell me!

Out of 4 thousand hits on that video 

Not even one single person could identify

  The second Ascension in the Gospels!

In the Greek Strong's Concordance 

#229 is found in  

Matthew 24:41

My Point Is This, 


 Our bridegroom Is Secretly Coming For His Beloved Bride It's The bridegrooms surprise!


Song by 5th Dimension:

 Up! Up! And Away!


The Second Ascension that not one single christian could identify 

Is Found In

John 20:17-18 

Only Mary Witnessed It And 

Testified Of It!

 A Type Of The Bride

 Hidden, Unknown By The World 🌍

And Most Of The Church!

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