29 Jul

Operation Underground Railroad

Today is the last day to Join With Us 

"Operation Underground Railroad!"

The whole purpose is to help others get free from the snare and traps of the trafficking of Religion in the Marketplace that is Void of the limitless power of the new birth in the Spirit and  Into The Kingdom Now!

So Many here on 

Gather to find comfort in the coming Caboose and miss😩the glorious; 


of the Bridegroom! 



Of His Appearing!  


You'll find a family here seeking the exactly  

 same thing together.

The Crowing Rooster πŸ“ is here to help you and assist each of you in a very personal way! 

What is Avaliable already @ Operation Underground Railroad

*2 Private  Security Briefings 

* A Prophecy Of Expectation 

*A Prophetic Prayer Connecting Our Hearts With The Heart of The Father In A Powerful Way. 

Here Is just one sample of what you will have access to; 

"Heavens First Embrace"


The Crowing Rooster πŸ“

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