17 Sep

12 Years ago I was given a prophecy from a Prophet In America that I would have  a Elijah  type showdown At Mt. Carmel with the Prophets of Baal. 

At the time It seemed pretty ridiculous! So I shelved the word!

On Sunday November 13th 2022 while my wife Jackie and I were on a weekend vacation in  Carmel-by- the- Sea

A powerful encounter with YHVH 

At 3 am Sunday morning while in a dream vision I heard a terrorizing voice threatening me to leave Carmel California saying: 

"We do not want you here leave or else" 

My wife tried waking me from the dream  saying later that you were in some kind of  battle in your sleep.

Suddenly I heard the Voice of YHVH Say; 


"All of Carmel-by -the Sea  will be completely under water." 

I said Lord How Can That Be?

 Answer was :Through a Crustal Displacement event coming to California!

At that moment I was going to awaken my wife Jackie and high tail it out of Carmel California at 3am In the Morning!

But A profound peace suddenly came over my Heart and Mind!

And I heard YHVH Say I am showing you a event that is coming, but not Yet!

 Sunday November 13th 2022 while in 

Carmel-by -the-Sea   

just 5 days removed from the California State  Elections On November 8th 2022.

 On that day the California voters voted by a wide majority to give their personal vote and signature and blessing to Proposition 1 becoming state Law.

the murder and shedding of innocent blood up to 9 months in the womb.  

(Read psalms 139:13-14) 

Prop 1 a very very egregious act against Heaven and against YHVH the one who sits upon the throne.

3 abortion laws each more egregious then the last!

1969, 2002, Now Prop 1 2022

Governor Gavin Newsom Has Doubled Down On His Egregious action against Heaven and YHVH who sits upon the throne!

Inviting women from other states with these billboards  across America to come to California and Have an Abortion

It wasn't  until some time later I was able to put all of these pieces together the prophecy I was given 12 years ago by a nationally recognized  Prophet  about a showdown again at Mt. Carmel and the prophets of Baal. 

Remember Ancient Israel Sacrificed their children to Baal (Picture.)

The exchange continued  past@ 3 am In Carmel California On Sunday November 13th! At 330am I Suddenly I began To hear Miriam song In;

 (Exodus 15)

  "Sing to the Lord, for he is highly exalted. The horse and its rider he has hurled in the sea!"

As I was hearing Miriam song being sung I was thinking quietly in my own thoughts what does this story that took place at the red sea in Egypt 1000s of years ago have to do with 

Carmel-By-The- Sea 

In California on November 13th 2022?

Suddenly I heard again Yeshua say look up Equestrienne Farms! 

To my shock and surprise as I looked it up at that moment  I found that Carmel California is the Equestrienne Capital of California! 

I Did Not Know! 

But YHVH Did!

To say I was In complete shock as we walked the streets of Carmel Ca. that Sunday November 13th 2022 in one of the most beautiful scenic  coastal cites in America! 

We left Carmel @ 300 pm that afternoon, as we were leaving the towns main square I suddenly heard The Mission🔔Bell at the Basilica. 

Missions are a iconic Symbol of California landscape 

Even the classic rock band the  eagles sang about the mission bells in their famous  song "Hotel California"

That Afternoon Sunday November 13th 

@ 300 pm I Heard The Mission🔔  Bell Dong  3 Times!

🔔 🔔🔔  

Remember The (3) California Abortion Laws 

I Then Heard 




His Voice Reverberated Though My Soul!  I Was Completely Undone!

The Phrase 

"To Whom The Bell Tolls" 

 Comes from a Famous Writer 

Earnest Hemingway

 A Novel He Published  In 1940 Just After The Spanish Civil War. 

Is It just a coincidence that it was Father Junipero Serra a Spanish Priest who founded the Spanish Mission in Carmel Ca.

What are the Odds! 

How could I ever deny that Yeshua visited me that day November 13 th 2022 in 

Carmel-By- The Sea 

On September 15th just a few days ago I Heard YHVH voice;

"San Fransisco Your Hour Has Come"

The City that Governor Gavin Newsom was born in  San Francisco Ca . Governor Gavin Newsom was the cheerleader for prop 1. 

I was contemplating some months ago The amount of Innocent shed blood shed  from the womb in the State of California 

 Again I heard YHVH voice say son;

 "How many dams and reservoirs are there in California! I should know that answer but I had to look it up: 

(1400 dams and 1300 reservoirs)

Then I heard YHVH voice again: "this is how I will wash the blood away that cries out to me from California day and night! 

"San Francisco Your Hour Has Come"

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