25 Nov

People Mocked And Called Noah A Fool! His Preaching Fell On Deaf Ears His Warning Was Considered A Top Rate Comedy Act! 

I thought this article was not only interesting but very Prophetic!


It was Hurricane Hilary that trapped burners @ burning man In August 2023. 

Hurricane Hilary Also Flooded Death Valley. 

A Once In A Life Time Event! 

I Do Believe This Was Prophet John Paul Jackson's Vision of a Hurricane

that would then be followed by a Unprecedented Earthquake In

California! https://whygodreallyexists.com/archiv... 

I Believe The ( Day After)

 Noah Flood Date  

Thursday November 30 2023 

Is Followed By A Coming ( Black Friday)

I Think We Just Got A 1 Week Warning On Thanksgiving! 

The Very Day Noah Entered The Ark! 

 10th Of Cheshvan

Shared its annual statistics 

42 billion visitors in a year!

115 million a day!

 5 million an hour!

80,000 a minute!

 You Think America Has A Serious Porn Addiction! 

We are in the Noah Zone!

It Just So Happens California Is The Leading Porn Distribution Capital Of The 🌎 World! 

No One Is Listening Just Like No One Listened To Noah! 

I Have Not Received Even 1 Email From My 3 Noah Videos Of Anyone Wanting To Receive Jesus Christ As Their  Lord & Savior. 

Not Even 1! No Repentance! No Change Of Heart ❤️ Not Even1 Single Person! 

But Plenty Of Mocking!

Just Like In Noah's Day!

 The Crowing Rooster 🐓

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