08 Jul

This is the time of the year everyone is making huge travel plans to some dream summer vacation!

 June 14th I  heard the voice of the Bridegroom say
"Wake up its Valentine's Day"

Of course Valentines day was 2/14 🤣


Its really really interesting that in the

 Strongs Hebrew concordance

*614 is (asiph) meaning

 ingathering harvest!

*214  is (otsar) and it means 

storehouse, a treasury

June 15 I awoke to the Voice of The Bridegroom Say; 

"Are You Ready To Go On A Adventure" 

I did a video called;
"A unexpected Journey"

I wonder how many in the Christian world

 will be caught completely off guard when the Bridegroom comes for the Bride?

I am reminded of this passage in Song of Solomon 2:10  My beloved spoke and said to me, “Arise, my darling, my beautiful one, come with me.

Her responce in verse 16 is a resounding Yes!

But later in the timeline her response chances when another invitation is given by the Bridegroom to come away in Song of Solomon 5:3 

This time  sadly she is  completely 

unprepared & unresponsive

The Bridegroom is gone and she is now left in a 

state of panic

" Suddenly Woke In June"

Then  on June 16th I  heard  the voice of the Holy Spirit say; 

"Pack your Travel Bags"

Do you see a countdown and a beautiful word picture forming a message over  These 3 days June 14th-16th

"The Bridegroom Is Calling You

 To Go On A Adventure  

So Hurry

 Pack Your Travel Bags"

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