22 Jul

We have often highlighted that the high calling of Heaven to the 

Bride In 2023 

Is  To Follow In The 

Footsteps Of Yeshua!


A type of the Bride 

Was In fact the only one who followed in the footsteps

 of Yeshua from 

The Cross!

To the Tomb!

To The Resurrection! 


Who Are 

The First Fruits Of The Living?

Listen, I tell you a mystery

We will not all be asleep-

Those who are Presently Living

  Who Presently

Are not asleep! 

will Be changed 



And just as we have borne

 to make publicly known

The likeness of the 

Earthly man

so also

shall we bear to make publicly known 

the likeness of the heavenly man. 

The Morning of July 22nd 2023 

I awoke to the voice of 

The Father  Saying This;

Prophetic Word Morning Of 7/22


 Who obeyed the Call in 2023


that descended 

Romans 6:3

 these also are the   


that will ascend  

Ephesians 4:10 

Stepping into John 17: 21 

And become "ONE" With My Son! 

For The Bride And The Bridegroom Are Now "ONE!" 

 As "ONE" Ascending To Me the Father!

 Translated As "ONE" 

Then to descend as 


 Presented to the world 


For 40 Days Of Kingdom 

Greater Works 

Promised In John 14:12

These Shall Declare His Generation? 

Isaiah 53:8 

For  Did Not I Declare 

Who Is My Mother?  

Behold My Mother And My Brethren! 

For whosoever Shall Do The Will Of My Father Which Is In Heaven,

 The Same Is My Brother, 

And Sister, 

And Mother!

*Personal Notes on 7/22/2023

The 723 or 726 dates dear online family is not about a rapture date. The Rapture theology in the mind of the average American Christian is set in stone that unfortunately refuses to change and adjust to correct revelation from Gods whole council in His Holy Word!

The 723 date that I declared the last month is about the sign in the heavens on 7/23 of Venus retrograding at the feet of the Constellation of Leo  for the first time in 8 years!

As I already declared to many in my  Wednesday 7/19 private briefing. 


Look up for your redemption draws near Luke 21:28

It's about listening to the bridegrooms voice faithfully in 2023 then turning or retrograding to behold his face to be changed/ transformed/ translated!

If your not faithfully listening and following his voice now!  A rapture date will be something you wish you never heard! because you did not make yourself ready!

Revelation 19:7

The Crowing Rooster 🐓

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