22 Jun

On 6/14/23 I shared a video and article called;

"The Bride's Final Title Fight 6/23!


We here @ Crowingroosterprophecy.com

recognized that the battle lines where drawn in the month of June 2023

 like never before!

Between light and darkness,

  2 Kingdoms At War

  in complete opposition

 to one another!

Clearly for those who have any spiritual discernment 

you could see that The Kingdom of Darkness 

and the prince and power of the air in

(Ephesians 2:2) 

has specifically targeted the month of

June 2023!


In the article and video uploaded June 9th called

"The Sons of Sodom vs The Sons of Promise


"The Holy Spirit Gave Us The Revelation Why?

Abraham's & Sarah Son of Promise In Genesis 18

was conceived in the

 month of June

 on our Gregorian Calendar!

The Son of Promise was Satan's arch enemy 

prophesied by YHVH in 

Genesis 3:15
“And I will put enmity between thee and the woman, and between thy seed and her seed; it shall bruise thy head(fatal wound) and thou shalt bruise his heel.”

Satan Successfully raised up a counter culture 

in Sodom Gomorrah

 with the intention of Snaring Abraham

 and His family before the Son of Promise

 could even be conceived.

Abraham had to make a choice in 

Genesis 13 

Pitch his tent in Sodom And Gomorrah


Pitch his tent in the land of Canaan.

Abraham chose wisely and pitched His tent 

In YHVH promise! 


Lot chose foolishly pitching his

 tent in Sodom!

Abraham Wife Sarah Conceived  

birthing the Son of Promise

while Lots wife was destroyed as she 

looked back to Sodom.

Scholars: Lots wife actually died trying to take a selfie!

2 wives 

2 completely different outcomes! 

The Battle lines are exactly the same in June of 2023!

As America pitches here tents in Sodom

Many even in the Global Christian Community 

are pitching their tents toward 


While heaven is instructing 

the Bride of Yeshua 

to pitch your tent toward 

Canaan/ Land of Promise!

The War even here on Youtube in 2023 

Among the Christian Community 

Against following Abraham's example is

 extremely alarming and very telling!

Abraham sat in His tent door in Genesis 18:1

looking intently for the 

one who promised!






Yet many in the Christian Community will Rail 

and Mock and Throw insults at the ones who call the 

Bride of Yeshua to follow in Abraham's footsteps!

I started this community post with this:
"The Bride's Final Title Fight 623"


A week after uploading that video I came across this powerful 

confirming truth for us 


And it shall be at that day, saith the LORD, thatthou shalt call Me Ishi, and shalt call Me no more Baali. For I will remove the Names of the Baals from her lips, no longer will her names be invoked (Hosea 2:16-17)) 

 “Ishi” אִישִׁי  

and expression of marital relationship 

“Baali” בַּעְלִי 

an expression of a master slave owner!

The Gematria of “husband and wife” אִישׁ וְאִשָּׁה 

is 623

which is the exact same Gematria of

 “new wife” אִשָּׁה חֲדָשָׁה, 

which is the Bride adorned

 for her husband.תִקְרְאִי-לִי עוֹד,בַּעְלִי 

And it shall be at that day, saith the LORD, that thou shalt call Me Ishi, and shalt call Me no more Baali. (Hosea 2:16-17)

All my Video's and Articles in 2023 can be summed 

up in Hosea 2:16-17

When The Bridegroom comes will He find you Ready!

The  Final Title fight In 6/23 


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