26 Jul

Suddenly  Without Any Notice @ 323 pm I Was Overcome With The Voice Of The Bridegroom And He Said This:

"I Am Going To Completely Surprise My Bride!

I've Been Planning This Very Special Moment! 

She Will Never See it Coming!

I Am Coming At A Moment's Notice! 

A Surprising Moment!

A Unexpected Moment! 

  A Rare Moment! 

 A Extraordinary Moment! 

Will You Be Waiting For Me 

My Beloved!  

When I looked up 


 In Greek Strong's Concordance

 I found The Greek Word  "ANADEIXIS" 

It means A Surprise Proclamation, A Surprise Public Appearance 

Something Completely Unexpected Is Coming!

 Suddenly I  Am Feeling Thee  Overwhelming Enormity In My Spirit  Of A Incredible  Coming Moment!  

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