09 Feb

(Emergency Security Briefing)

Las Vegas Raiders owner Mark Davis called his new Home 

"Death Star" 

In 2020

The Name Stuck!

Quote From Owner Mark Davis

'Allegiant Stadium, with its black facade, in fact resembles the ominous space station from the Star Wars franchise that was capable of destroying planets"

 A Epic Galactic War In The Heavens  Is Depicted In! 

Revelation 12 

The Results Of That Galactic Confrontation Is 

A Dark Star Falls From Heaven!

Namely Lucifer

In Revelation 9 We Are Told This 

Dark Star 

Has A Key To Unlock The Abyss

The Time Key Opening Lucifer's  

Alice And Wonderland

@ The 2024 Grammy's 

Alice In the Elites Playbook

Played By

Taylor Swift 

Wins The Album Of The Year!

Another Star Linked To The Opening Of 


The Hardon Collider 

Finding God

Or A god Any Fallen god Will Do!

 A Portal  Opening The Abyss

The Song "Saturn"  Made Its 

Popular Debut 

@ The 2024 Grammy's

Let Me Ask You, Does It Look Like Someone Or Something Coming Through A Portal?


Is The Ancient Roman 

God Of Time

What Do The Elite Have Planned @ Superbowl 58?

The Opening Of The Abyss 

God Help Us!

Yeshua Is Our Only Hope!

I Am The Way The Truth And The Life No Man Can Come's To The Father Except Through Me!

John 14:6

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