18 Oct

The Classic Rock lyrics;

 "Take Me Back To Chicago"

Takes me back to my 20's  living in Chicago the city where my wife and I  were married In 1980

*I cant help but think of the Invitation to another wedding the 

"Wedding Feast In Heaven"

Revelation 19:6 

I remember the many dates my now wife and I had together in the Windy City while the classic rock song  

"Take Me Back To Chicago" 

Played On The Car Radio!

We moved to the West Coast in 1983, But my thought's drift back to Chicago from time to time and Frank Sinatra song;   

"My Kind of Town" 

Brings back many wonderful memories!

  In 1969 Elvis Presley Released His Album From Elvis To Memphis! A Song Called "In the Ghetto"

Originally titled 

"The Vicious Circle"

The Song Was Eerily Prophetic Of A Future Chicago  Inner City That Is Plagued By Deadly Violence  

 The Song Lyrics are about a boy born to a mother and fatherless home who already has more children than she can feed in a Chicago ghetto

The boy grows up hungry, learns how to steal and fight, purchases a gun and steals a car, tries to run, but he does not get far before he is killed. 

The song ends with another child being born the same day in the ghetto, implying that the newborn could meet the same fate, continuing the cycle of poverty and violence.

 While I was being led by the 

Holy Spirit 

this October 18th 2023 to prepare this Article and Video;

 The Whole 🌎World  Is Exploding With Hatred And Violence 

I suddenly heard Jesus Voice;

I Long To Rescue Chicago!

 I Long To Take Chicago Back!

 Back to the Cross! 

Where 2000 years ago I gave My Life as a very personal offering For Chicago and the 

🌎 World!


Prophetic Warning For Chicago 

October 19th 2023

Suddenly while In Intercession for Chicago I Saw A; 

Credible FBI  Threat


Chicago  Mercantile Exchange

Futures And Options 

Trading Board

Chicago's Future Is Dependent on 

Choosing The Right Option



The Free Gift Of Salvation

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