31 Jan

The Bride's Escape!

This Gospel Mystery/Fulfilled On February 911

And when these things begin to come to pass, then look up, and lift up your heads; for your redemption draweth nigh."

Luke 21:28

These 3 Heavenly Witnesses 

Will Be Present In The

Constellation Of Capricorn 

February 9th 2024! 

Just (7) days from Today!

1) The New Moon!

2) The Sun! 

3) Mercury!


1st Witness in the Heavens because it is closest to the Sun

 Mercury Is Covering the ❤ heart of Capricorn!  (Very Important sign)

(3) Witnesses in Capricorn   

February 9th!

The Dark Moon - Bride is hidden!
The Sun- Jesus in Rev 1:16!
Mercury- the Holy Spirit Present In The  Heart ❤of Capricorn! 

The Dark New Moon(Hidden) Being Birthed ( She goes into final labor) In The Fish Portion of Capricorn! 

February 9th!

Then The Sliver Of New Moon

Her Actual Birth In The Waters Of Aquarius February 11th 2024

 And The Start of YHVH Calendar month Shevat ( Month 11Will Be Observed on 

February 11 2024!

In the Water Portion of Aquarius!!!

How many People have seen 

As being Spiritually  important!

The (Sun) Follows The New Birth of the Moon Into The 11th month of Shevat again on the 11th Of February  in the Fish 🐠 portion of Capricorn. 

As Mercury a type of the Holy Spirit is present in the ❤ Heart of Capricorn!

Here Is Where It Gets Really Exciting!!!

I Believe The Sun Representative Of The Son of God! 

The Very Center of the Solar System!


(the Son of God) 

Creator In Genesis 1 

And Again 


(the Son Of God) 

Highlighted By Paul As Creator Of All Things! 

Colossians 1;16-17 

The Day Of Creation is Highly Regarded by Scholars as Being 

Elul 25

(September 11th) 2023 on the Torah Calendar! 

If you count from The Day Of Creation 

Elul25/ September 11 2023! 

On the Torah calendar

Forward (153) 🐠days you arrive 

@ February 11th 2024!

 Are You Kidding Me!!!

The Sun's(Son) In the 🐠 Fish portion of Capricorn 11th Of February In YHVH 11th Month of Shevat! 

(153) 🐠 Days

 From the Day of Creation! 

September 11th 2023

The (153) 🐠 Fish Caught In The Gospel Of John 21:1-14 Is A Hidden Revelation That 


Is The; 

God Of All Creation!!!

September 11th 2023!


February 11th 2024!


The 1st day of the 11th month Of Shevat On YHVH Calendar!

The Hebrew letter Associated with Shevat! Is  'Tsadik

The meaning of the Letter is  "to catch, to capture"  shaped like a  fish 🐠 hook! The letter is formed with a bent Nun and a Vav.

The 11th Month of Shevat is the month Yeshua turned water 🌊 Into Wine 🍷@ The Wedding In Canaan

The 11th Month Of Shevat is Highlighting A Wedding

The 11th Month is Highlighting 

1st Fruits Celebration

Revelation 14:4 

It's the month of the Almond Tree Blossoms


Behold, the day! Behold, it has come! Doom has gone out; The rod has blossomed, Pride has fully Budded

Ezekiel 7:10

 The crowing🐓rooster  just happens to live in the 

Almond Capital Of America!

Northern California!

I Am Completely Blown Away By This Revelation!

Is YHVH using both His Calendar and The Apostate torah calendar to highlight the incredible importance of  Connecting 

September 11- 2023!


February 9-11 2024!

I Think YHVH Is Doing Just That !!!

After The Earth Shaking Event That I Have Been Highlighting All Of 2023 Happens!

Then Everyone Will Attempt To Figure Out The Prophecy Connection Stated Here Crowingroosterprophecy.com

Even my home street address #1127 Is directly connected to My crowing 🐓rooster prophetic calling from YHVH 

Mark 13:35

Watch-#1127 ye therefore: for ye know not when the master of the house cometh, at even, or at midnight, or at the cock 🐓crowing, or @dawn!

Add the fact  of the Prophecy I received on winter solstice, The New Moon of December 22nd 2022 on The crowing🐓 roosters 64th Birthday! 

When The New Moon Was In The Golden Gate Of Heaven!

This Was The Sign That I was Born Under December 22 1958

The Prophecy I Received Witnessed Now By 1000s When The New Moon Was In The Golden Gate Of Heaven!


The Apostate Christian 🌎 World Will Be Completely Shocked By Yeshua  Personal Signature  On 

February 911

@ The End Of The 10th Month of Tevet 

(Tribe of Dan)

This Is A Month To; 

Execute Judgement! 

In The 11th Month, Shevat Tribe of Asher, God wants Righteousness to become the foundation once again!

And What Is Right In-Between This Unprecedented Moment In Time Of Unprecedented  Prophetic Significance

The Bowls Of Judgement Are Full!

In Sodom/Las Vegas! 

February 911

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