28 Sep

For 30 months, 363 weeks  I have given this;

Crowing 🐓 Rooster Warning  Message That Began Just Before Passover Of 2021.

Yeshua Warned the Disciples of the grave danger  of the crowing rooster hours that were just before them as they celebrated Passover together!

Strongs Concordance #363


To Admonish, Call One To Remembrance, To Weigh Well And Consider!!

Yeshua Said On October 1st; 

The Crowing🐓Rooster 

4th Watch is Finished!

The Final Countdown ⏰ Clock Has Begun!For California!

Governor Gavin Newsom Has Been Given By Him Who Sits Upon The Throne 1 Year To Repent Before The State Of California For The Passing Of  Prop 1 November 8th 2022  Legal Abortion Up To Full Term

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