23 Mar

I Am Overcome  With A Glorious  Unction From Heaven! 

I Am Moved With A Bridal Song That Moves The 

Heart Of Father

It's A Gift From The Heart of The Father To The Bride Of Yeshua!

To Know What Moves The 

Heart Of The Father

That He As A Father Would Choose You As A Bride For His Son.

The Bride Is Identified As The One Who  Dearly Loves And Honors 

The Passover Lamb

Revelation 5:11-12

In This Very Hour Everyone Is Making Eternal Decisions  About Who They Will Honor.

2 Spirits!

2 Paths!

2 Dates!

2 Outcomes!

Which Path Will You Choose

And Who Will You Honor?

One Date  Ends Up Here

March 31st/Adar 20

The Other Date Ends Up Here

With The Stone Rolled Away!

April 26th/ Nissan 17

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