15 Dec

On Thursday At 7am  December 14th I Made A Statement To A Good  Friend  From Connecticut That Now Looking Back Was Very Prophetic! 

My Friend Is A Engineer For 

Lockheed Martin! 

A Aerospace Company!

This Was The Prophetic Statement I Made To My Good Friend; 

"You Think Like A Engineer, All I Want To Do Is Float A  🚢 Boat."

"On the Surface That Statement Seems  A Little 🤔 Weird" 

And At The Time I Made The Statement To My Good Engineering Friend In Connecticut It Did Seem Weird. 

There Is So Much I Am Not Saying Because I Don't Want To Get Into The Engineering Part Of This:

But What I Would Like To Say Is This;

I Believe The Bride Entered The Ark On Friday The 15th 2023! 

Here Are Some Engineering  Things I Have Said Over the Last Month or So.

 *It Is The Zero Hour! 

* Black Friday Is Coming! 

* It Is The Zero Sum Game! 

*We Are In The Noah Flood Zone! 

The Crowing Rooster 🐓

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