16 Jul

There Is Not Just 





One Public! One Hidden!

There Is A Pubic Return of Yeshua That🌎 World Will 

Surely  Witness


A Secret Return For The Bride of Yeshua That The 

Whole 🌎World Will Be Completely Clueless About! 

500 Witnessed His Resurrection According To Paul In

 1 Corinthians 15:6!

 A Even Smaller Group Witnessed  His Pubic Ascension In 

Acts 1:11!


Witnessed Yeshua Private Ascension 

Hidden in the Gospels!

In John 20:17!

In Acts 1:11 The Angel declares this after Yeshua Ascension

"Which also said, Ye men of Galilee, why stand ye gazing up into heaven? this same Jesus, which is taken up from you into heaven, shall so come in like manner as ye have seen him go into heaven."

There was one present in the crowd in Acts 1:11 who witnessed Yeshua Resurrection and heard among those present  in a way and understanding that no one else could hear or understand;

"Yeshua will return in like manner as he Left"

What Mary heard and what everyone else heard  were two completely different realities!

An Angel made A public declaration

In Acts 1:11

*But the Father Himself made a personal Visit introducing the Son to the Bride and the Bride to the Son in John 20:15-17

Remember it a Ancient customer for the Father to choice the Bride for His Son.

*And who has the Father 


The one who walked in the footsteps of His Son

in 2023!

If You Abide In Me And I In You

John 15

I said at the start that there were 2 Ascension events 

One Very Public!

One Very Private! 

*Mary was chosen because of her unparalleled devotion and the Father chose this one as a type and shadow for us in 2023 To Follow!

 Mary Calls Yeshua


Something not ever recorded in scripture among 

the other 12 disciples!

The Word  Rabboni is very rare and unique in its meaning. 

Its far far more then calling someone a teacher or a master. 

It was a powerful matchless declaration on Mary's part; 

that Yeshua is above all others,

 that no others compares to Yeshua. 

She is declaring from her heart  

her allegiance to Him and Him only.

She is saying there is no other, 

and no greater authority in all of Israel then Him. 

Mary Stands Alone Among The Crowd 

In These 

5 Ways 

(1) She was the only one who walked in His footsteps 

From the Cross! 

To the Tomb! 

To the Resurrection!

(2) Mary was at the foot of the cross!

(3) Mary prepared spices alone when all others gave up hope and fled!

(4) Mary clung to Yeshua when no one else did!

(5) Mary declared that Yeshua was her hearts desire above everyone else!

When she and she alone called Him 


There Is Not Just 




One Public! One Hidden!

There Is A Pubic Return The World Will Witness


A Secret Ascension They Will Not !

And Mary Has Chosen The 

Better Path!


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