14 Jun

I felt this morning that Yeshua wanted me to share with you

one of my personal Genesis 22:2 

(Mt. Moriah Moments.)


"Father God's Big Dream"


I've had several  Defining moments  in my life the video above was from a 2017 trip to Mt. Moriah 😃

I had another trip in January of this year to Mt. Moriah 

and another Issac in my Life

bit the dust. 

So I am speaking to you from personal experience when I say this; 

Please dont go looking for Issac's your willing to part with as a show of Loyality to Yeshua!

The Big Kahuna in the room is not your stuff or your dreams or promises nor your career.

The Big Kahuna in our lives that the Father is after is your heart ❤

We deceive ourselves so often with superficial sacrifices thinking we are doing God a big favor.

Our heart❤ is the very last thing we are willing to part with! Why is that ?

Its the very essence of who we, its the center of our universe!

How many of you knew that Mt. Morah the location where God showed Abraham where to Sacrifice Issac was also the exact location in the future that would be called Mt, Calvary were the Father would offer His one and only Son! (For Real) 

1 John 3  says This; What Love the Father has lavished upon us! that we should be called children of God. 

I said this in my article and video  "the horns of the Bull Arrive June 17th 2023

Everyone is Aligning there Heart  with one of these 2 mountains

Mt Siani- Hebrews 12:21


Mt Zion- Hebrews 12:22

Today I want to add Hebrews 12:23 to the mix 

To the general assembly and church of the firstborn, which are written in heaven, and to God the Judge of all, and to the spirits of just men made perfect,

Exclusion or Inclusion  

its your ❤ Choice

 but you have to lay down your Issac its the Ultimate test  to be a member of a exclusive club  called the "Church of the First Born"

The Only Requirement is that you completely lay down your heart ❤  

and surrender it completely to another!

So What Does 

"The Brides Final Title Fight 6/23"

 Mean; Husband&Wife In Gematria  is 623

"A Wife Adorned for Her Husband"

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