30 Aug

The Kingdom of 

Father God And His Christ Yeshua/Jesus

Is Highlighting This Fall Season 2023 Just In Front Of Us As The  

" Final World Cup"

The Kingdom Of God!


The Kingdom Of Satan!

Whats @ Stake? 

The World Cup 

Billion Souls

The  final harvest will begun

 This Fall 2023 

It Will Be  



Unequaled in human history

Everything we've known before will pale in comparison to what is right in front of us or ever will be again.

The stakes are very very high. 

If you want to play in the big leagues understand clearly the stakes. 

This is the final match! the final game!  Satan is playing for keeps!

 The Prize 

 The Eternal Souls Of 

8 Billion 

This Is His Final Run for the World 🌎 Cup

The Kingdom of God

 Is Pointing To 2 Major🌎 World 

Events This Fall 

 1st Event! 

The World Series

October 27th 2023 

During The Feast of Tabernacles 2023!

The 1989 World Series

 Was Interrupted 

 By The

 Loma Prieta Earthquake

 October 17, 1989,

During The Feast of Tabernacles 1989!

@ 5:04 p.m. Game 3 @ Candlestick Park in San Francisco, the Earthquake was witnessed on live television by 

25 Million Viewers!

2nd Event Kingdom of God is highlighting 

The World Cup

December 12th thru the 22nd 2023.

This Is The Final Season! 

This Is It!
The Final Harvest! 

It's Game On!

Let the games begin

Hanukkah 2023!

Hanukkah marks The biblical story of 

Antiochus lV King of Syria

Desecration of the Temple In Jerusalem when he erected an Altar to Zeus and sacrificed a pig on the Altar 


 In Part Daniel prophecy In Daniel 9: 24-27 that also has a final fulfillment according to Yeshua/Jesus in 

Matthew 24:15-16

So what role does Hanukkah play in the  final implementation of the mark of the beast spoken of by both Daniel and Yeshua/Jesus?

We only have to go back to 


December 14th 2020 

 when the very first person to receive the Mrna Covid-19 Vaccine   

Sandra Lindsey a nurse  

@ the Long Island Jewish Medical Center 

What are the Odds

 That the very first 


Covid-19 Vaccine 

Was Administered During 

Hanukkah  2020 To A Nurse @ The Long Island Jewish Medical Center


 In the Biblical Hebrew Context Is Found

  Exodus 2:7,9;


 "To Give Suck"

 According to Exodus 2:7 Moses' mother--"a nurse of the Hebrew women"--became, at Pharaoh's daughter's request, the foster-mother of Moses! 

The Nations In 2020 Were Weaned On 





In 2023 The World Will Begin To Receive The Final Implementation

of the 

Mark of the Beast 

This is the Final World Cup 

8 Billion Eternal Souls Are the Prize


 Is your only hope of 



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