16 Nov

This Morning As The Crowing 🐓Rooster Began The 4th watch 

 I Am Hearing The Phrase From The Holy Spirit;

 "The Day After"

"The Day After"

It is a powerful  programmed message already deeply ingrained in the American psyche. 

Yeshua Led Me To The 

 "The Day After"

  Matthew 25:9-10

  The 5 foolish virgins went off to a day of buying from those who sell!! 

Black Friday 

"The Day After"  

Thanksgiving 🦃

 The Foolish Virgins

Who Had No Oil

Must Go To The Seller To Buy!

"The Left Behind Church"

 Trafficking In Iniquity  

Matthew 7:23

"Then I profess unto them, I never Knew you: Depart from Me You workers of Iniquity"

Matthew 25:13

"For It Is Written My House Shall Called A House Of  Prayer But You Made It A Den Of Thieves"

The America Mega Church Does Not Look Like A House of Prayer! 😳

No Concern About Eternity!

Luke 12:16-21

It's All About Your Best Life Now!

#1 On The New York Times Best Seller List for 2 Years!

It's All About Buying! & Selling!

 So A Coming!

Will Lead To 

Black Monday!

Which Will Lead To A 

Dark Winter!

Then The 

Mark of the Beast

 Where you can no longer 

Buy or Sell

Unless You Have "The Mark"

Revelation 13:17

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