09 Jun

In Revelation 4:1 

The Key

Is Provided To Open The Door That John The Beloved  Saw And Was Able To Travel Through To Glory!

Its This Simple But Powerful Unavoidable Phrase That Will Be The Deciding Factor For The Church

"The Voice I Heard At First" 

The Greek Word For 


4413  prótos

Meaning: Chief, Most Important, Principal Voice!

The Exact Same Greek Word Is Used To Describe the Condition Of The 

First Church 

In Revelation 2:4  

I Hold This Against You!


FIRST- #4413


I Very Serious Indictment That Presented The Grave Danger Of Their 

Candlestick Being Removed!

I Believe Heaven Is Highlighting This June 9th 2024 The One Who Is Present In The Middle Of The Candlesticks 

Revelation 1:13

The One Present In The Center Of The Candlesticks I Believe Is Highlighting The 4th Feast!

(The Feast Of Harvest) Shavuot/Pentecost 

1) Passover

2) Unleavened Bread 

3) First Fruits


 5)  Feast Of Trumpets

 6) Day Of Atonement 

7) Feast Of Tabernacles

John The Beloved Turns In  

Revelation 1:10

To Hear The Voice (LIKE) A Trumpet!

We Must Each Personally  Answer This Question? 

Is The Bridegrooms Voice The Only Voice To You (IS HE THE ONE)?

  Is His Voice Your First Go To Voice? That Drowns Out All Other Voices? 

Your First Love   

John The Beloved  Now Sees Yeshua In The Middle-#3319 The Greek Word Is 

 'Mesos- #3319 


The Candle Sticks!

When He John Turned He Saw Yeshua Standing In The 

Middle- #3319 

Of The Candle Sticks I Believe Highlighting The Feast Of Shavuot/Pentecost


At The Middle- #3319 

Of The Night 

There Was A Cry Made Go Out To Meet The Bridegroom

Matthew 25:6 

Revelation 4:1 Can Never Happen Unless Yeshua Is Your 

First Love

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