02 Apr

The Full Moon Passover 

April 23rd 2024!

Are You Following In The 

Footsteps Of Yeshua?


Do You March To A 
Different Drummer!


Has Given Us Back To Back Heavenly Witnesses!

Passover -

May15 2022 Lunar Eclipse!


May 5th 2023 Lunar Eclipse!

Observing Passover If You Have Forgotten

Is A Eternal Command!

Exodus 12:14

But The Easter Bunny Calendar That 99% Follow

Lie's And Half Truths!

Good Friday Is A Complete Lie!

Passover Is Complete Truth!

The Two Are Completely Unrelated In Time And Space 

The Full Moon Of March Fell On Monday March 25 Not Friday March 29th!

Passover Always Falls On A Full Moon!

Good Friday @3pm To Sunday Before Dawn Resurrection

Is 38 Hours!

Yet Christ The Messiah Said  In 

Matthew 12:40

"For As Jonah was (3) days And (3) Nights In The Belly Of The Huge Fish, So The Son of Man Will Be (3) days and (3) Nights in the Heart of The Earth

The Global Christian Church Is A Willingly Participant In Propagating The Lie And Deception



 A Willing Participant In Dishonoring God's Word And The King Of Glory

Therefore She Is Guilty Before Heaven.

And Judgement Is Coming To This Unfaithful House This Month!

1Peter 4:17  

Also Fulfilling Paul's Warning;

 2 Timothy 4:3-4

"For The Time Will Come When People Will Not Put Up With Sound Doctrine.Instead, To Suit Their Own Desires, They Will Gather Around Them 

Great Number Of  Teachers

 To Say What Their Itching Ears Want To Hear. They Will Turn Their Ears 

Away From The Truth 

And Turn Aside To Myths"

If You Didn't Follow Mary's Example In The Gospels From 

The Cross- April 23rd 2024!

To The Tomb- April 23-26th 2024!

To Resurrection- April 26th 2024!

You Will Never Arrive At The Hidden Ascension That Only Mary Witnessed

A Type Of 1st Fruits!

John 20:17

Only Those Who Are Presently 

Clinging To Yeshua 

In This Hour Will Qualify For 


The Crowing Rooster

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