24 Oct

The Worse Thing About Betrayal Is That It Never Comes From Your Enemies!

The Warning 


The Path Of Betrayal

 Did Jesus Wash Judas's Feet At Passover?

Is Judas present when Jesus washes the disciples‚Äô feet? Well, some believe that Judas was there. It was 


to wash the guest‚Äôs feet before dinner. 

As customary as that may be, that‚Äôs not what we see here in John 13:4-5

Jesus foot-washing of the disciple feet on Passover was done not before Supper

After Supper

John 13:2 

Gives us the sequence of events concerning the timing of Judas departure @ Passover 

"The evening meal was in progress, and the devil had 

Already Prompted! 


the Son of Simon Iscariot, 


Betray Jesus

So Judas Went His Way and  Communed

(Intresting word) 

with the 

Chief Priest &Captains, 

How He Might 

Betray Jesus

Luke 22:3

Betraying Jesus Is; 


He Apostatized, meaning he

 ‚ÄúTurned away from‚ÄĚ 


Judas who was a chosen apostle was an apostle no more!

 He forsook Jesus and went back into the world.

And Is It Not The Apostle Paul ūüö®Warning To The Global Christian Community In 2023 In 

2 Thessalonians 2:3

That The Betrayal On That Fateful  Passover Night Would Be Repeated Again!

But Now On A ūüĆé Global Scale! 

If Only The Global Christian Community Had Allowed Jesus To Wash Her Feet In 2023!

 "If I Wash Thee Not, 

Thou Hast No Part With Me!"


John 13:8

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