06 Dec

In My Previous Ministry Called 

King Of Heart

I Posted A Video In 2017 Called 

The Kickoff Event

This Is the picture I used as my cover picture for that Video!

The New England Patriots Are Playing  

On NFL Thursday Night Football On The

1st Day of Hanukkah/ Anniversary of Pearl Harbor!

On The Apostate Torah  Calendar!

For A Apostate Nation!

December 7th 2023

Is This The Kickoff Event I Saw In 2017?

What Is It About Hanukkah? 

And What is It About Hanukkah? 

On the Anniversary of Pearl Harbor 2023?

Hanukkah 4BC Was The Day Of Yeshua/Jesus Immaculate Conception

This Is What I Heard The 

Holy 🕊 Spirit Say Today:

Satan Has A Eternal Hatred 

For The Day 

2nd Person of the Trinity


 Was Conceived In Mary's Womb! 

Luke 1:28-33 & Luke 1:35



With the coming prophetic promise of the Rebirth of Israel that would then spell the very final countdown to His Eternal Punishment

He Would Need To Execute A Diabolical Plan 

Pearl Harbor 

On The Day of Mary's 


Which led To The First Nuclear  Bomb Being Dropped On Japan August 6th 1941 

140,000 Thousand Dead!

38 Million Total Deaths!

During World War 2



Beautiful Dream For Humanity

Began In Genesis 1:2-3

  Holy 🕊Spirit hovering over the uncreated world! 

Genesis 1:2 

When it was without form and void and darkness covered It!

 Holy 🕊Spirit Brewed Over the Formless Darkness

Genesis 1:3-4

 And God said, “Let there be light,” and there was light. God saw that the light was good, and he separated the 

Light from the darkness!

The Holy 🕊Spirit also Hovers over us while we yet without spiritual 

Form and Void!

Then As The Holy 🕊Spirit was Hoovering over us He then created life, and we were born of the Spirit and we went from darkness to light!

Ephesians 5:8

For you were once darkness, but you are 


Light in Yeshua! 

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