21 Jul

I Awoke From Sleep Seeing 

2 Types Of  Hearts❤

 In The 

Human Race

One Heart Was Completely  Empty!

One Heart Was 

Beautiful And Overflowing 

I Was Awakened @ 1 am  July 17th To The Voice Of The Father Again!

 Describing The 2 Types Of 

Hearts ❤ In The 


The Empty Heart 🖤

  The Heart 🖤

That Has Not Yet Received 

My Sons

Atoning Blood Sacrifice 

 In Their Behalf In Order To Restore 

What Was Lost! 

(Back To The Garden of Eden)

God Created Humanity 

Roman 1:20

For the invisible things of him from the creation of the world are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even his eternal power and Godhead; so that they are without excuse:

And Within Every Man/Women

 Is The Need To Know 

His Creator 

Genesis 1:27

Yet Humanity Turns Away From

 God the Fathers Love❤‍🔥

To A God Of Their Own Making!

The Endless Search For 


To Fill The Empty Void

 The Emptiness

 The Deep Driving Need 

To Find 

Satisfaction and Fulfillment

Only Increases 

Over Time 

Yet Nothing Ever Permanently

Fixes The Problem! 

Which Leads Me To The 2nd Heart. ❤‍🔥

A Heart ❤ That Has Bowed Both Knees  In Complete Surrender To Love

*Ephesians 3:14-21

Reveals The (4) Dynamic Dimensions


  God's Overwhelming 



Song; "Reckless Love"


You Can Experience Now  

 This Sea of Endless Love 

Overflowing With

 Joy Unspeakable Full Of Glory! 

 In The Summer Time Vernacular Its 


 In the Deep End Of The Pool😁

Verses Living In The Shallow 

Empty End!😞

Choose Your Path

The Empty Heart Route


A Heart ❤‍🔥 

Completely Raptured In The Love 

Of My Son! 

 A Heart❤‍🔥 

That Is Experiencing Ascension!

Cant Stop The Feeling


The Key To All This Wonderful Amazing Eternal Life  For You Is!

 Complete Total Heart &Life ❤ Surrender.

 You Must Lay Down Your Life Right Here Right Now And Never Look Back Again @ Your Old Life As It Was.

Yeshua/Jesus Is Now Your Life  Forever

Pray🙏 From The Heart❤ 

Offering All!

(On The Altar)

  All Your Past! 

All Your Present! 

 All Your Future!

To God The Father  

 To Be Born Into The

 Limitless Power 

Of The New Birth In The Spirit! 

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