11 Feb

Marvel not at this: for the hour is coming, in the which all that are in the graves shall hear his voice, And shall come forth; they that have done good, unto the resurrection of life; and they that have done evil, unto the resurrection of damnation. John 5:28-29 

I am stuck by this phrase: 


As I begin this 22nd month now of navigating the final night watch I have never had a stronger sense that what is at the door for February will shock and terrorize even the strongest of Individuals.

Just as JESUS disciples were completely unprepared the night of Passover for what they would face, so  also the Church of Jesus Christ is completely unprepared for what Will Soon be upon Us!

  Yeshua called it the time that darkness would reign Luke 22:53

God sent America the Cain Ridge Ky revival in the early 1800s that touched the heartland of America just before the civil war.

Think about this Cain rose up and killed his brother Abel in 

Genesis 4!

What was Yeshua attempting to save America from when he so graciously gave us the 

Cain Ridge Revivals ? 

Answer; Brother killing 

Brother In The 

Civil War

Do you see the incredible goodness of God, yet  still America preceded with it's hatred.

 Brother against Brother

 Killing 620,000 In 

4 Short Years!

 The dark curse that entered the heart of America during the civil war was never mended.  America has followed that dark  path by then transporting death and destruction and brother against brother to every continent on the earth.

Yet YHVH has so graciously sent revival to the heartland of America again and again!

During the Vietnam war for which 

1.7 million 

Men/women and children died! 

There arose  at the same time a counter culture in America highlighted by what was called; 

"The Summer of Love"

The Summer of Love drew nationwide publicity, somewhere between 75,000 and 100,000 youth came to Haight-Ashbury during the spring and early summer of 1967.

However, as writer and observer Charles Perry pointed out in his book “The Haight-Ashbury: A History,” the Summer of Love brought with it a number of problems including overcrowding, crime, sexually transmitted diseases and bad drug trips. Every night thousands of penniless young people would “crash” in whatever space they could find or simply sleep on the streets. 

As many became disillusioned with life in Haight-Ashbury, a new set of hippie “Jesus freak” evangelists appeared in the Bay Area, urging people to follow Jesus Christ and forsake drugs and promiscuous sex. Key to this new presence on the streets was Ted Wise, a drug-using sail-maker, who in late 1965 was “saved” after one of his numerous LSD trips

With the assistance of several fellow Pastors in the Bay Area, 

Wise and his friends established a coffeehouse called 

“The Living Room,” 

A block north of the intersection of 

Haight and Ashbury.

The rest is History as once again the gracious loving goodness of God changed the destiny of 10s of Millions during Generation X as they  found faith and life In Yeshua!


The Spiritual Revival In the Ashbury District of San Francisco  spread to a place called; 

Asbury College just outside 

Lexington Kentucky  


But why Asbury Kentucky: Sounds like Yeshua has a soft spot in His heart❤️ for Asbury!

I see the incredible goodness of God and so much history and promise wrapped up in Asbury &Ashbury. 

The Jesus people in Ashbury San Francisco during a divided America over the Vietnam War.

 And The Cain Ridge Revival In Lexington Kentucky 

Just Before The American Civil War 1861-1865 in America. 

Lexington Kentucky was a border state divided right down family lines like no other even Mary Todd's family from Lexington Kentucky President Lincoln's wife was divided right down the middle of her family. And President Lincoln was assassinated over the deep wounds and divisions that existed in America in 1865 as the American Civil War ended. 

Yet Yeshua has so graciously sent spiritual renewal and revival  again  and again and again to America.

Again this 11th day of February I have heard that revival has once again broken out again; 

Asbury University A Suburb Of 

Lexington Ky. 

Its estimated that 100,000 million people will watch the Superbowl tomorrow February 12th from Phoenix Arizona.

100 million

Will also see a Superbowl half time show that will be laced with occult overtones attempting to draw a nation even deeper into the 

Dark shadows of Godlessness.

When it has been God/YHVH who has attempted to rescue America from its ever gravitational pull toward 


  As a watchman this morning on February 11th 2023 I see a  sword dawn over America that is 

Bathed in Blood

What Will America Do? 

What Will You Do?

I want to give you an opportunity to personally know the mercy and goodness of God and to secure your final destination!


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