13 Dec

I Awakened to the Voice Of The Bridegroom the Last 2 Nights!

@ 1205am On December 13th!

@ 1212am On December 14th!

 I Heard The 

Voice Of The  Bridegroom

 Serenading The Bride of Yeshua 

@ 1205am On December 13th!

"Everything is ready COME-#1205 to the wedding banquet.’ 

Matthew 22:4

Then Again @ 1212am This Morning December 14th I Heard! 

The Voice of The Bridegroom! 

Serenading His Bride!

I Heard The Holy Spirit Say 

@ 1212am

Its Double Midnight!

I Am Reminded Again This Morning Of This Truth I Have Been Shouting All Last week:

"At An Hour That You Think Not The Bridegroom Will Come"

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