04 Feb

Sunday February 4th I suddenly saw in the spirit A wedding  reception table beautifully decorated and a individual  lighting the candles  on the wedding banquet table.

In June last year I saw the exact  same wedding table. I shared about that wedding table here iJune 2023.


This morning I saw that same wedding table but this time the candles on that  table were now lit ready for the wedding guests to arrive to the wedding feast.

Each setting had a very personal beautifully name assignment

Then I heard Yeshua say; 

 At the exact same time a fuse is being lit as well for the whole world !

A Candle For The Bride!

A Fuse for the World!

The Bride will Escape the coming date but the world will face a 

World Wide Quake!

There is a amazing sign in the heavens this week that almost mirrors the June 2023 signs in the heavens that again I highlighted when I saw the wedding table in June of 2023.

In that June word and vision and sign in the heavens I said this; 

"Looks like the Bridegroom @ the Altar waiting for the Bride to arrive with the wedding party following.

This week a very similar sign in the heavens

A Perfect looking Manorah in the Heavens! Alignment of;

 (8) Planets with the 

Sun (Son) 

In the Very Center.

Cant Help But Think Of The (Son) In The Center Of The 7 candle Sticks in Revelation 1;13!

Uranus, Jupiter, Neptune, Saturn 

On the Left Side

 (Sun in Capricorn In The Center) 

Mercury, Mars, Venus, Moon 

On the Right Side!

The Moon (A type of the Bride)

is moving through the heavens this week  down the isle toward the Sun in the center of ( CAPRICORN) the fish portion fulfilling the hidden mystery of the 

153 Fish In John 21

She now the new moon bride that is hidden arrives this week in CAPRICORN to meet the (SON) while Mercury (type of the H.S) enters the Heart of CAPRICORN!

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